Maui Now Coconut Water SPF 15 Mist

What is this product for? This product is a sunscreen mist for use on its own or with Maui tanning oils

What does SPFmean? SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor. An SPF number of 15 means that it will take 15 times longer under UV exposure to experience sunburn than if no SPF was used at all.

Is this product broad spectrum? Yes – this product is broad spectrum and protects against UVA/UVB rays.

Will it leave a thick white layer on the skin No: this mist is water-based and not a cream. It is transparent and lightweight and can be applied overmakeup

Is it water resistant? We recommend applying this product 20 minutes before UV exposure, and reapplying regularly, especially afterswimming. 

Can I use this on my face? Yes – our lightweight and transparent mist is perfect for the face. You can spray directly onto your face or onto your hands first and rub it in.

SPF 15/Lightweight/Hydrating/Vegan/Travel Size/Transparent


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