Sunski Lifetime Warranty

What's the deal with our sunglasses lifetime warranty?

Your pair of Sunski sunglasses is covered under our sunglasses lifetime warranty for as long as you own them.  Our lifetime warranty covers all problems related to manufacturing defects that occur during your ownership of the shades.  If they break under normal use, we'll fix them or replace them for you.  This warranty doesn't cover lost shades, but drop us a line and maybe we can get you a deal.

 If you're here with broken shades already, read on for how to make it right.

Busted Frames? 

Our sunglasses lifetime warranty covers frame damage that prevents you from wearing your shades:  broken hinges, cracked frames, damage from running into a tree on your bike... this is all fair game to be replaced.   Minor damage like scuffs and small dings are not covered, because that's a waste of perfectly good shades.  We also will not cover really dumb things that you may do, like backing over them with your car or melting them in a fire pit (we've seen it all).

We reserve the right to decide if your damage is covered under our lifetime warranty, but tell us a good story and we'll likely be pretty lenient.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to submit your claim and please allow at least two weeks to process your claim AFTER we receive your broken shades. This means: be a responsible person and get tracking for your package! 

Scratched lenses?

Our SuperLight frames are virtually indestructible, but all sunglasses lenses can scratch if you adventure hard enough.  The lenses are the most expensive part of a pair of shades, which is why we're not able to provide them for free under our lifetime warranty.  But we do offer replacement lenses at a practical price, so that your shades can stay on your face and out of the bin.

If you've got busted lenses, head over to our Lens Kit page.  Please don't send us your shades if you have scratched lenses!  If your style has been discontinued, reach out to us and we'll figure something out for you.  Some styles just had to be discontinued to make room for the new - this is the way things go.  Thanks for understanding :) 

Did you read all of the above?  Do you promise you're not going to send us your scratched lenses?  Or little broken bits of sunglasses put through a blender? 


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